Serrated Lock Washer

Serrated Washer

Fasteners & Anchors: Fasteners are called anchor fasteners in the building trade. This is because in most cases, they connect something to a base material such as concrete or brick, like the anchor of a ship embeds itself in the sea bed and does not allow the ship to move. In most cases, anchor fasteners are installed by first drilling a hole in the base material. The hole is slightly larger than the fastener. Then the anchor is inserted into the hole in the right manner. The distance to which the anchor penetrates into the base material is called the embedment depth.

Serrated Washer: Serrated Safety Washers are available in sizes ranging from M 2.5 - M 64, 3/16"-3". Serrated Lock Washer has serrations that extend radially inward or outward to bite into the bearing surface. This type of washer is especially effective as a lock washer when used with a soft substrate, such as aluminum or plastic,[8] and can resist rotation more than a plain washer on hard surfaces, as the tension between the washer and the surface is applied over a much smaller area (the teeth).

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